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Refrigerator Repair San Antonio

A1 All City Appliance Repair in San Antonio is a top rated appliance repair company, specializing in refrigerator repair, small appliance repair, and large appliance repair in the San Antonio area and all surrounding areas.  Refrigerator repair is a daily event for us and we are extremely qualified to work on most makes and models. Give us a call if your fridge isn't cooling properly or has stopped cooling altogether. Additionally, we work on high-end appliance brands like Sub-Zero. It's always best to notify us immediately when your refrigerator starts acting funny as smaller systems often lead to larger repairs or replacement. You can really save by picking up on issues early.

Affordable Washer & Dryer Repair

Washing machines and clothes dryers go hand in hand and we work on both. We get appliance service calls every day about water not draining properly, the washing machine making very loud noises, the machine shutting off mid-cycle among other things. When it comes to clothes dryers, we get service calls about clothes not drying all the way, a burning smell, the clothes dryer taking way too long and the clothes still being totally wet. So whether you have a traditional top-loading washer or a modern front-loader, don't worry because we work on them all. From older machines to newer display machines, they all can present different problems and malfunctions. The washer and dryer go hand in hand. If you need an affordable washer and dryer appliance repair from a reputable company, then please consider us. We would love to earn your business.

Gas Range, Stove & Oven Repair

From electric to gas, free-standing to built-in ovens, we service all makes and models of stoves, gas ranges, stovetops, and ovens.  When giving us a call or filling out our contact form, please provide as many details as possible so we can jump right to the issue and hopefully repair your appliance the same day. Let us know if the burners aren't lighting, the heating element in the oven isn't working, digital control malfunction or anything else.  We want to get your stove back working perfectly in the most affordable and timely manner possible. We strive to get most appliance repairs done the same day. If you need an appliance repairman near your area, we've got you covered with locally dispatched technicians.

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Appliance Repair San Antonio

We never realize how much we rely on our appliances until one of them breaks down at the worst time possible. Imagine you have company coming over and you are just getting back from the grocery store with a carload of fresh and frozen food only to discover that your refrigerator has stopped working and is no longer cooling or freezing. Or picture throwing a load of dirty clothes in the washer and when you go to put them in the clothes dryer you find that your washing machine is filled with water. You go to put the Thanksgiving turkey in your oven only to realize the oven isn't hot. The list of real-life stories we have gotten calls on is endless. We are here for our customers/neighbors in situations like these and we do our best to get your appliance(s) up and running the very same day. We have technicians nearby ready to be dispatched.  Call a company that you can trust that has a proven track record of quality work. We have a near-perfect online rating and take great pride in delivering affordable and consistent large appliance repair and small appliance repair to San Antonio.

Proven Track Record / Highly Rated

We work on almost every appliance brand names. From Samsung refrigerator repair to GE washing machines, we have years of hands-on experience and have been established in San Antonio for over 30 years! Be wary of hiring a fly-by-night company that can't point to a record of a local track record of work. San Antonio is our home!


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Brands of Appliances We Service

We Service all Applince Brands

Unless your appliance brand manufacturer is defunct or is a very rare appliance brand name where appliance parts are hard to come by or have long wait times, then we can work on it.  If we can't work on it, we will let you know right away so you can make an informed decision on what course of action to take. Sometimes trying to prolong the shelf-life of an appliance from a defunct manufacturer can be cost-prohibitive due to the cost of the replacement parts. We don't want you to spend money on a problem that will persist. Sometimes a new appliance will make the most sense. We want you to trust us and feel comfortable calling us whenever you have any appliance repair needs.

appliance repair to San Antonio, Alamo Heights, New Braunfels, Helotes and all surrounding areas

San Antonio & Surrounding Areas

We have been serving all of San Antonio for almost 35 years and have grown our appliance service coverage area along with the growth of the ever-expanding city of San Antonio. We cover from Downtown, Alamo Heights, the I-10 corridor, 1604, 281, Boerne, New Braunfels, Helotes, and most other areas. Give us a call and we will be there! Take a look at our coverage area map.  Most appliance service calls, if scheduled early enough can be scheduled the same day. We will also make every effort to accommodate your schedule and arrive in a time window that works for you. Our job is to service you and hopefully limit any disruption to your daily routine.

best appliance repair in San Antonio

Besides refrigerators, stoves, ovens, washers, dryers, we also work on other appliances as well as specialty appliances. Give us a call for microwaves (especially built-ins) and items like stand-alone ice makers, wine refrigerators and more. We also work on specialty brands such as; Sub-Zero, Viking and Wolf. We are the company to call. You can take peace of mind in our proven track record and long-standing (almost 35 years) business in San Antonio. Our business has been built on relationship building and trust. We are proud members of the San Antonio Community.

Useful Articles About Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Whirlpool Refrigerator

This service call was from a San Antonio customer who had ice maker issues with their Whirlpool side by side Refrigerator. The customer’s ice maker just quit making ice. This unit was about 8 years old. The first thing was to see if the freezer is cooling at normal temperatures. I used a laser temperature …

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Appliance Maintenance

A little preventative maintenance can extend the life of your appliances and equipment, and will ensure they run at peak efficiency. Proper maintenance will not only extend the life of your appliance, but can also help reduce your utility bills. Remember that dust is our enemy. Dust build-up in the lint trap of your dryer …

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How to Keep Your Refrigerator Running Longer

The last thing any wants are unexpected costs popping up at the worst times. Things eventually break or can be defective, but we strongly encourage you to take simple maintenance steps on your appliances to reduce the long-term costs to you. 

refrigerator repair san antonio

Time Needed: 30 minutes

Total Cost: USD 5

Things Needed

- Paper Towels
- Two People
- Several Towels
- Sponge
- A bucket of warm water

Required tools:

- A Vacuum Cleaner
- A Floor Fan

Steps to clean and maintain your refrigerator:

Step 1 : Position the Refrigerator for Cleaning

Using both people, slide the refrigerator away from the wall. Take precautions to not scratch the floor. Older model refrigerators are likely to slide as easy. We recommend laying down towels in these situations. 

Step 2 : Vacuum accumulated dust and lint from front bottom vent

Many refrigerators have air vent flows on the bottom front. We recommend vacuuming the vent, then removing it and vacuuming behind it as well. With the vent removed, take a sponge or paper towel and wipe down the vent grates, let air dry and then snap back into place.

Step 3 :Vacuum the back of the Refrigerator

Just like the front vent, vacuum in all crevices and be certain to vacuum around the condenser. When done take warm water and a paper towel and wipe off all dust not removed with the vacuum cleaner.

Step 4 : Vacuum and mop the floor where the refrigerator sits

Just like the other steps, thoroughly vacuum and mop any lingering dust and lint on the floor and walls to avoid them being sucked right back into the refrigerator

Step 5 : Fan dry the back

Hook up a floor fan and air dry the entire area including the floor before returning the refrigerator back to its normal position.

Repeat every several months

Repeat these steps every several months to keep proper airflow in and around your refrigerator so that it optimally works longer.

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